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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, it’s so great to meet you, I am a great believer that the universe guides you to where you will get the support you need and here you are!

A little about me, my life began in a small ancient village called Winlaton in the North East of England. Its name means twisted Oak which goes back to Saxon times. I love history and believe our past is such an important part of knowing who we are now. Our story is why we do what we do, the relationships we form and how we travel through life.


I have had a long career in teaching, coaching and mentoring in both the not for profit and private business sector. I have lived in Dijon, Paris, London and now Perth, Western Australia and found that relationships are at the heart of life for all of us. We are all ultimately seeking the same thing, which is to love and be loved, to contribute, to learn, to share and to connect.

My Coaching Journey

My coaching journey was born from a chance opportunity to be trained in Strengths-Based work while working in the disability field about twelve years ago. At that time I was facing a really serious crisis in my own life and was literally hanging on to my sanity by my fingernails. The Strengths-based work profoundly shifted my thinking as I learned that I actually had all the strengths and power I needed to find the solutions to any challenge that I had. This realisation changed my life and sent me on a journey to complete a Post Grad Degree in Coaching over a decade ago which I have now added to with Psych K (an energy psychology) and Circle facilitation.


I now live close to my children near the beach in beautiful Perth and seek out time by the ocean most days to tap into the energy of the ocean. I believe we are spiritual beings living a human experience and that our life journey is about finding our ultimate alignment and the truth of who we are.


My coaching practice is a holistic approach using a blend of coaching techniques, energy work, intuition, compassion and honesty. I work with clients online or face to face in my beautiful client room and circle room.


  • Post Gradudate Degree in Coaching (Curtin University, School of Psychology

  • BA (Hons) Degree in Education - Sunderland University

  • Diploma - Training Design & Assessment

  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment TAE40116


  • Certified Advanced Psych K Practitioner

  • Certified Circle Facilitator

  • ASBAS Australian Small Business Advisory Services Advisor

  • Member of the International Coaching Federation

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The power of circles

I have always known the power of women’s circles and witnessed this in the village I grew up in.


The women of the village would naturally gather in circle to connect, to be heard, to share wisdom and find strength in each other.


As I travelled away from village life to live in London, Paris and now Australia, I often longed for a circle of women.


A few years ago when I was at my lowest ebb and all around me felt like chaos. I needed a strong, wise circle of women but never found it.


After finding my way back to my own self-empowerment I wanted to give back to women and created the Sunrise Sister Circle which is free to all women. This beautiful space has now become an important part of the lives of many women.

Connect in circle for free.