Change your mindset

As a coach, I believe that your emotional, behavioural, mental and spiritual wellbeing is a direct result of your mindset. We are habitual beings and go through life with self-beliefs, values and perspectives we developed in our early years.


These habits are so familiar to us we don’t even realise they are there. When we are triggered, when we self-sabotage and there is a reluctance to step outside our comfort zone even though that’s what we really want to do, this is all mindset.


My coaching is holistic in its approach and I use a range of different modalities to help you change your mindset and release negative beliefs that are holding you back.

By changing your mindset, you change your life.



"I am so happy and grateful to have had a fantastic coaching / Psych-K session with Jackie. I was really impressed with how relaxed and comfortable I felt throughout the session and it felt like I was talking with a good friend, and best of all felt no judgement."



"My stress levels have improved and my mindset is positive. Knowing I can change the way I respond and think about things has made a difference in my everyday thinking."



"I have just finished this amazing 8-week course with the gorgeous Jackie Rowe and I can honestly say the changes have been amazing. I have learnt so so much about myself.  If you are feeling in a rut and want to live your best life, enrol today. You won't be disappointed!"