Woman Your Future Waits

Woman your future waits patiently

You are not held in chain

Do you see it, feel it calling you

Time to step out of old anger sadness and pain

With every thought of hurt that was

You give your power away

Every time your mind relives that painful time

Your energy is wasted every day

Woman your future waits patiently

How long are you prepared to wait

The power is within you

Don’t just leave your future to fate

Practice gratitude daily

And watch as your heart and mind rise

Bringing you gifts from life with love

Right before your eyes

Woman your future waits patiently

It’s only your thinking holding you back

It whispers you are not worthy

Constantly pulling you quickly off track

It’s only trying to protect you

Keeping you safe in a familiar place

Say thank you but keep going and focus

Sit quietly, find a space

Take a breath ,relax and tune in

Listen to what your heart tells you

It will tell you where to begin

Woman your future waits patiently

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