Free your mind to speak your truth &

be the amazing woman you were born to be

A woman Empowered

Change your mindset and change your life

As a woman . . .

I see you trying to do it all, trying to meet every one's needs but your own. You have lost sight of who you are, all the dreams you had and the goals you were going to reach. The demands of life, family & work just seem to get in your way and suddenly you are on the wrong path.

How did this happen?

I hear you, as you keep telling yourself and everyone else that you're fine when in reality you are lost, feeling like opportunities are passing you as you are drowning in the daily demands of everyone else around you.

When was the last time you felt really heard?

I understand you, because I've been there - feeling like you are stuck, watching your life fly by from the sidelines and wondering how to slow it down and get back in control.

Stressed Woman

If you are surviving on high daily stress and chronic overthinking, then let me tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. 



You can feel strong in mind and body, speak your truth and live a life you love.



Let me show you how to create a healthy mindset, claim back your power and be the amazing woman you were born to be.

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Hi, I'm Jackie

I’m a highly experienced Mindset Coach, Women’s Circle Facilitator and Advanced Psych-K Practitioner and use a holistic approach to support women to remove limiting beliefs and transform their thinking.


I believe all change is possible and my vision is for all women to realise their amazing true potential, to speak their truth without fear and to live a life that they love.


I have been working with, guiding and supporting women for over twenty years and bring the strength and expertise of this journey into my coaching practice. Through coaching and the power of circles.


I help and support women with their emotional, mental, behavioural and Spiritual journey to amazing growth and transformation.


"Knowledgeable, real & empowering"

How I Can Help You